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PFED discussion board

We have a new discussion board for bug reports, suggestions for improvement, general discussion and whatever else is on the minds of WK users and others interested in endangered languages and technology.

wkimport 1.3 beta

wkimport 1.3 beta and wkimporting 1.3 beta are now available for download. The importing guide has also been updated for the new releases.

These are the anti-ant (and anti-python) releases: all the code has been implemented in pure Java, which removes the ant and python dependencies. A new high-constrast theme with a white background is also included.

The latest releases are linked from the wksite.

Wunderkammer update

It’s been awfully quiet the past couple of months here at the PFED, but today we’re releasing new versions of Wunderkammer, wkimport and the wkimporting package. Wunderkammer has been updated to work with LWUIT 1.3 and numerous bugs have been spotted and squished. We’ve also added an ‘Importing tips’ section to the importing documentation that should help future users to avoid some common problems.

Have a look at the wksite: