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PFED in Australian Geographic

The PFED has got a mention in a recent Australian Geographic blog post about the National Geographic’s ongoing Enduring Voices project.

Hopefully they’ll have a chance in the future to mention some other great work going on in Australia, such as the Ma! Iwaidja Phone App, and classics like BOLD and PARADISEC.

wkimport 2.2

wkimport package 2.2 is out now. The new package includes a French localisation and French documentation. See it at the wksite:

wkimport package 2.1

wkimport package 2.1 is now out. The most notable new feature is Russian localisation of the wkimport UI and documentation. More localisations to follow.

Wunderkammer Import Package 2 final release

The final release of Wunderkammer Import Package 2 is now available for download. Check out the Wunderkammer website for more info.

Thanks to everyone who pointed out bugs and made suggestions for improvement. In this release several bugs have been squished and a bit of input validation and some friendlier error messages have been added.

Work now begins on version 2.1! Keep the bug reports and other comments coming.

Wunderkammer Import Package 2

Wunderkammer Import 2 - Menus tab

Wunderkammer Import Package 2 Beta is now available for download. The major advance in this distribution is a new easy to use graphical user interface. There’s also a new set of documentation to go with the new user interface.

This is a beta release. We invite bug reports and suggestions for improvement on the PFED discussion board or by e-mail at james followed by the at sign pfed dot info.

The Wunderkammer website has also got a new layout and look.

PFED discussion board

We have a new discussion board for bug reports, suggestions for improvement, general discussion and whatever else is on the minds of WK users and others interested in endangered languages and technology.

wkimport 1.3 beta

wkimport 1.3 beta and wkimporting 1.3 beta are now available for download. The importing guide has also been updated for the new releases.

These are the anti-ant (and anti-python) releases: all the code has been implemented in pure Java, which removes the ant and python dependencies. A new high-constrast theme with a white background is also included.

The latest releases are linked from the wksite.

Wunderkammer update

It’s been awfully quiet the past couple of months here at the PFED, but today we’re releasing new versions of Wunderkammer, wkimport and the wkimporting package. Wunderkammer has been updated to work with LWUIT 1.3 and numerous bugs have been spotted and squished. We’ve also added an ‘Importing tips’ section to the importing documentation that should help future users to avoid some common problems.

Have a look at the wksite:

Wunderkammer in Canberra

I’ll be giving a presentation of the Wunderkammer software at RSPAS at the ANU in Canberra at 11 am on Friday 18 September. If you’re around, come by. Full details of the presentation can be found here.

New version of Wunderkammer

New versions of Wunderkammer, wkimport and the wkimporting package are available from the wksite:

We also have a spiffy new design over at the wksite!