2011 Toyota FJ Cruiser with Special Trail teams version

Toyota has always been moving forward with continuously improving the improvements in its innovations for each year. Toyota’s – F J Cruiser has been one of its evergreen innovations to come up with enhancements each model year. Following the similar trend, 2011 Toyota F J Cruiser is soon coming up with its latest “Trail Teams special Version”. So what new things are coming up??

As ever seen, the 2011 Toyota FJ Cruiser presents Trail Teams special edition is the sports utility vehicle (SUV) with muscular bold looks. It is seen that the frontal grille is mounted with prompt circular head lamps and the bumper well coordinated with the wheel arches. The Stepney is mounted on the exterior of rear portion. The vehicle is presented with a set of broad alloy wheels measuring 17 inches which is its renewed attribute. The wheelbase is mounted 9.6 inches above the ground level which is again the added feature. The doors of the vehicle can be wide opened upto 90 degrees for easy entry and exit of the passengers. Even the rear door with privacy glass loaded with defogger can be opened sideways for added comfort. The Army Green body with black bumper offers graceful look to the SUV.

The 2011 Toyota FJ Cruiser’s special edition gets the mechanism from its elder sibling, as the 2010 model was featured with the enhanced mechanism. The Cruiser gets the capability to generate momentum of 260 horsepower with the maximum torque of 271 lb. ft. as the vehicle is powered by innovative 4 liter and 6 cylinder (V6) engine with DOHC also known as double overhead camshaft technology embedded with intelligence of variable value timing. It offers the towing capacity of 5000 pounds. This technology helps to synchronize the fuel intake and exit through the engine at specific timing. The engine is mated with a standard six speed manual transmission gearbox offering the option to choose five speed automatic transmission gearbox. The gearbox with automatic transmission system facilitates automatic gear shifting betting on the road conditions and drivers skills. These unique attributes associated with engine offer better fuel efficiency and improved performance.

2011 FJ Cruiser is the Toyota’s new generation SUV designed to give added comfort. It comes with a stylishly designed spacious interiors and spacious cargo floor. Driver’s seat comes with powered eight way adjustability mode for the drive to command over the vehicle and the front passenger seat gets four way adjustability modes. The cabin is spacious with generous leg-room. The dashboard is broad and tubular with flat rectangular a panel which is loaded with standard safety features like air conditioning system, temperature gauge, fuel gauge, climate control, speedometer etc. The tilt steering wheel is mounted with audio system control for easy access while driving. All the seats are fabric wrapped with resin coating which can be easily cleaned. The headrest of the rear seats can be folded for improved rear visibility. Additionally the rear seat gets 60/40 split ability which facilitates easy enhancement of cargo floor as per the requirements. Additionally the safety features comprises of cruise control system, traction control, vehicle stability control, power mirrors, range of airbags surrounding the whole interior to prevent collision, 3 point seat belts and a child safety seat.

Although the 2011 Toyota FJ Cruiser was introduced as a concept vehicle, without any intentions to take to the production line, an overwhelming buyer response has set the fortune wheels rolling for this macho looking SUV.