Eliminate credit card debt with Simple Home Money Management

There are a number of tried and tested ways to eliminate credit card debt and below the most popular are discussed, select the one method that best suits your situation.

1. Stop using your credit cards! 2. Create a budget where you identify income and outgoings 3. List your credit card debt by dollars owing and interest being charged on the card

Once you have completed the above steps you will be in a better position to determine which approach will work best for your situation.

Consolidate debt – eliminate credit card debt by consolidating debt into a single loan with a lower interest rate, see your bank manager or lender for available options. If this can be achieved then consolidate your debt, pay off your credit card debt with money received from the consolidated loan and then close those card accounts!

Using your budget identify surplus money on a weekly or monthly basis and setup an automatic payment to start paying off the consolidated loan.

Highest interest charges first – eliminate credit card debt by paying off the cards with the highest interest charges. Once you have sorted your credit card debt and ordered by interest charged on the card you will know which cards are costing you the most money in order to borrow on. Pay those off first, you could even repay these cards by transferring the debt to your other cards that are charged at a lower interest rate. But whatever you do, once you get the card to zero balance close the card account! Keep doing this until all of your credit cards are paid off.

Lowest debt first – eliminate credit card debt by paying off the cards with the lowest debt first, disregarding the amount of interest being charged. The rationale here is that by taking the first small steps to eliminating your credit card debt and seeing positive results “quick wins” will have a major impact on your psyche and provide your with the stimulus to keep paying off your cards and closing the card accounts when done. Once you form the winning habit and enjoy the satisfaction gain from paying off your card you will be motivated to keep going.

Put your card on ice – eliminate credit card debt by simply wrapping your card in plastic cling film, filling a small container with water and placing your card into it then put it in the freezer at the bottom. Sometimes credit cards are very useful if you get caught out and have an unexpected expense where you may not have surplus money in your budget to pay. If this should happen you can dig your card out of the freezer and then thaw, once thawed you can use the card. The time it takes to do this usually provides you with the opportunity to determine whether the expense you are about to use the credit card to pay with is justified or not. When you card is on ice you can work into you budget how much you can afford to divert to eliminate the credit card debt.