Violence In Computer Games

Although people tend not to take in serious the real health and psychological effect that computer games may produce, these might really cause different aggressive reactions especially among the youth. It is already known that many children around the world suffer vary social problems, from communication ones to more serious problems, including violent reactions.

Violence in computer games can also produce many different psychological problems, like mania, dependence and plenty violent and aggressive temperaments. For instance, games which include fights, warriors or similar actions can easily affect children’s behavior. In such cases, parents should be very preventive while purchasing a computer for their kids and educate them upon its usage. Few of the most popular computer games risks include low social integration and much more serious problems like autism. Thus, a kid who cannot detach from everyday gaming for sure has a pretty high predisposition towards the problems mentioned above. Still these kinds of problems can easily be met among the youngsters, not only among the small children.

There are also people who spend their whole time playing different kinds of games which transform them in gaming-dependants or maniacs who pass away the everyday important things like going to school, learning or especially meeting their friends. As mentioned at the beginning, both the children and the youngsters do not realize how dangerous these computer games are.

There is no wonder how many kids and young people tend to arouse personal conflicts because of a computer game confrontation, saying that virtual fights can easily produce real ones. Apart from this, many psychologists affirm that a virtual space (for instance, a game) is what a man needs in order to stage what he or she really is. More exactly, this affirmation refers to the fact that although we tend not to take in serious a computer game (or any kind of electronic game) confrontation, the way we behavior while playing it is what we truly are. So, there is not just this excuse of a virtual space in which we are just playing without involving serious affects, but also a real space which is able to demonstrate us the way we really are, with all of these violent reactions, aggressiveness, irritations and so on.

For sure, there are many who do not agree with such opinions, but at least they should think about the way they really act while playing a computer game, more exactly they should ask themselves simply why people react in such ways if finally “it is just a simple game”.

In conclusion, there is to say that a computer game which includes vary kinds of confrontations, fights or any other violent actions, it isn’t including just these things, but also more real, serious and personal involvements.