5 Best Music Players Apps for Android

Do you wish to have some nice music players on your android smartphone and you are wondering which one will suit your need in term of providing options and features to choose from? i have compiled the list of the best music players for android 2016 edition.

These Apps varies in their sound quality, user interface and easy navigation. so, it is left for you to choose your choice in this app.

1. PowerAmp Pro

Poweramp Pro is amongst the best music player we selected in our list because it’s among the powerful source full music player. Poweramp Pro gives a good sound quality and it is easy and simple to use because it has a good user interface, not only these reasons makes this app player to be on top in our list, it also support different kind of format with an optimized equalizer. On this app, you can see the lyrics as the song is playing and also, the song can be configured from the locked screen and to a great extent, it’s customizable.

This app is the best android music player for now with the great music quality and the features that comes with it. You can get poweramp music player for android free download mobile9 on google play store.

2. Shuttle+

shuttle+ music player review

This music player is frivolous and at the same time powerful. It has a awesome design with bass boost 6 band equalizer, it has an embedded lyrics and it also download art work with a lot of themes you can choose from automatically. Also, it has customizable widgets with some of in apps purchases in it. shuttle+ music player pro apk download is embedded with what you can ever think a music player can have, we also have different version such as shuttle+ music player 1.5.2 apk, 1.5.7 apk, 1.4.10 apk 1.5.1 apk etc .

3. Stellio Music Player

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The sound quality of this app is better than that of PowerAmp, for those that have the knowledge of music, this app have 12 band equalizers with 14 effects which you can make your choice from, this is the main reason why it produce the best quality sound and music.

Stellio music player serial key allows you have access to play music from your artist, folder etc. From the widget at the home screen to the customizable option of the notification. Also, it allows you to check the lyrics, by shaking the phone or by pressing the volume button for long to change the track, in your racks, you can put covers. For those that usually seek my music player recommendation for android smartphones, Stellio music player Pro cracked is the music app i always recommend because it’s my favorite because of its superior audio quality and that is why i prefer it to PowerAmp.

4. BlackPlayer EX

blackplayer music player Ex review

on pc, android

The features of this app includes additional themes, colour accents, widget themes, folder view and some other customizable options, on blackplayer music player pro apk, you can search for music and artist, backlist the folder or tracks, lock screen widget, visualizers and a lot of animations. It also allows you to shortlist albums, hide pages, queue songs etc.

5. PlayerPro

Playerpro music player apk (free download cracked) can be used in two different forms, It can be used as a video player on your android smartphone as well as a music player. This app i.e playerpro music player (2.44 apk full) has a very cool user interface and it has free plug-ins in it. Playerpro (skins) allows you to browse through your genre, album, artists etc. and also have addup to boost your music library through illustration, artwork and browser for videos. lock screen option is also available with notification bar to show the current status of song that you are playing and lots more.


This is the 2021 list of the best music player for Android smartphones, choose the one that suit your interest