5 Services You Can Outsource To Increase Your Business Revenue

More and more businesses these days are classed as small businesses. Not just terms of revenue, but their physical size. They work from small facilities and have a limited number of employees.

The internet is one of the reasons for this. Most internet based companies, are outsourcing to other internet based companies. For example, a web design company expands into SEO. Do they employee a full time SEO? Of course not! They employee a freelancer as and when they need them.

With that in mind, here are 5 services you can outsource this year to increase your revenue and capacity, without having to employ!

#1 Video Explainers

Video explainers  are an effective way to reach your target audience. You have probably seen a few, thought they looked cool, but didn’t research them, because they looked expensive, right? Wrong! They are much cheaper than most people imagine. You can post them on your website as a visual way of explaining your products and services. You could even post them on high traffic sites such as YouTube and receive both traffic and back links!

#2 Article & blog writing

There are two main types of writing you should consider outsourcing; SEO article writing  and blog writing. SEO article writing will help you build up a resource page that is useful, but really ranks in the search engines. Blog posts will get traffic thanks to your articles and will receive links due to their high quality, boosting your SERPS! Writing can be time consuming, so get someone else to do it!

#3 PPC

If you have ever set-up a PPC campaign, then you know how tiresome it can be. Luckily, there are service providers that can help. Tell them your goal, your budget and they will do the rest. Yes, they charge a fee, but at the same time, they are likely to get a much better conversion rate that you are. So you’ll end up making even more profit than before!

#4 SEO

SEO is long winded and incredibly frustrating; there are just so many things to think about. The chances are you are spending 25-50% of your day working on SEO, which is limiting the capacity of your business. Why not outsource it? Sure, it will cost you money, but it gives you more time to spend with your customers, improving your quality of service.

#5 Social media

This is the big one; social media! Social media networks are playing a bigger and bigger role in online marketing every single day. The problem is, every year; you might feel like you need to register with 1-2 more networks. The reality is that you are probably already struggling to keep up with the networks that you are involved with now; LinkedIn, Twitter, FaceBook and more!

This is where a social media manager can help. Give them a set amount of hours per week to work. If you are seeing conversions, then you can scale up the operation.