6 Easy Ways to Improve Google Ranking

The World Wide Web is getting crowded. There are hundreds, probably thousands of websites on any given subject. You type a keyword in Google search and Search Result Pages comes up with deluge of websites and links that often leaves the user confused and perplexed. The place where your website is positioned in these search pages is known as Google ranking.

Google is an important tool the web is offering. It has sorted out the users’ difficulty in remembering URLs and troubles in searching for the required information. Now, users are going by the common sense. They just type in a keyword and search for the requisite information. Surely, it should be an endeavor of every website to improve Google ranking and land in top 10 search result pages.

Need guidance? Here it is. We talk about six easy ways to improve Google ranking.

1. Get the correct keyword:

Yes, it is as essential as having an identity. Your whole website shall rotate around one or a couple of keywords. In fact if you are new to start your business website, then at first decide your keyword. Your web address or the URL should be similar to this keyword. This keyword shall be easy to guess and in sync with your business.

Some important points about the usage of keywords in order to improve Google ranking must be kept in mind.

?Place keywords in headings and sub-headings in your site
?Also, do not forget to include keyword in HTML tags.
?Possibly, use one only keyword per page or design one page for each keyword
?Maintain keyword density of 3 – 4 % throughout the content

2. Search engine page rank:

It decides where your website stands in the crowd. The higher your page rank, the higher the chances of getting more hits. So find out where your website or particular page ranks.

Various measures and techniques must be utilized to improve Google ranking. Your website’s Google page rank depends on:

?Volume of inbound links to your page
?Quality of these inbound links is equally important
?Page rank will be different from page to page

3. Tuning your meta-tag:

Meta-tags are a form of HTML coding on webpage.

This coding is critical for webpage ranking as the search engine crawler search and link these tags for their relevance. Search engine meta-tags and description meta-tags are two main types of meta-tags. How you define these tags can actually affect your Google SERP ranking.

So, keep some under mentioned crucial points in mind while defining meta-tags:

?Use keywords in meta-tag description, and
?Keywords used in meta-tags must be the same that are used in website content.

4. White hat and Black Hat Techniques:

In simple words, these are good and bad SEO techniques. Wed developers use various techniques to improve Google ranking. Some are ethical or white hat techniques, where as some are unethical or black hat techniques.

Using doorway pages is a white hat technique. Doorway or gateway pages are search engine optimized pages that bring in traffic to your website. It is important to create web pages using SEO techniques in order to draw more traffic flow to the website and in turn increase Google ranking.
On the other hand, cloaking is a black hat technique. Cloaking is a creation of duplicate web pages separate for website visitors and search engines. This may result in banning your website altogether.

5. Linking strategies:

Certainly, page raking is decided by the search engines depending upon popularity of the links that are used to reach the target page or site. Further, the link popularity depends upon the volume of inbound links to the website and the quality of these inbound links. In order to increase Google page ranking, the volume must be increased as much as possible; and that too from the websites of high reputation.

6. Get blogging:

Utilize blogging platforms to spread a word about your website, product or service. There are many blogging platforms available on the net. It is advisable to blog on the most reputed ones like, WordPress, Hub-pages, Squidoo, etc. Do not forget to provide links to your website from the posts on these platforms. Google ranks these links from the reputed platforms very high and will be really helpful to improve your Google ranking. So, if you ever wondered how to climb up the ladder, you have got the solution.