Free Sms Service Sites Across The World

In 2010, there were around 10 trillion messages that were being sent via mobile phones and various sites. However, the free sms sites are playing a big role in this. You can sms to your friends as well as relatives in any part of the world. It is certainly quite easy to send the sms to the required destination via SMS. Sending the sms to the friends is important. Let us have a look at some of the sms service providers. Let us have a look at some of the sms service providers.

1. SMS through Yahoo Messenger

This is certainly the most popular chat application messenger right now and you can send the sms to United States as well to all parts of the world. You can use any of the mobile telecom company like AT&T, Cingular, Verizon as well as T-Mobile.

2. The Yahoo Mail Beta

You can certainly send the free sms to the United States using this version. You will get the free sms facility in US. You can send the sms from the chat window itself. You just need to type the cell number and then the message. However, you need to type the country code as well before clicking send.

3. Through AT&T and ALLTEL, Nextel, Spirit as well as Boost mobile

These are also quite safe and secure medium. You can call them free sms service as you need to pay around $0.30 and this is to be made for each three messages.

4. Verizon

You can send messages to Verizon. You need to pay around $0.45 for each three Chikka messages that you will receive.

5. Free sms through AOL

You will find the AOL to be providing the best free sms facility right now. You need to look at the sms through the Gmail chat. Gmail is the hottest free sms service provider right now and these

Features are ultimate right now. You can chat through the windows and you can find the chat section in the chat gadget. Click on the enable and click the text messaging (sms) in chat. Now you are going to find that the chat messages are enabled as well as disabled.

Suppose you want to send the sms to all your contacts in US through the chat windows then you need to click on the Search or invite friends. You just need to enter the mobile number of your contact as well as click save. Just type the message as well as hit the center. That is it and you will be able to send the free smsĀ  via Gmail. You need to know that free sms listing is a long list and you can use many other sites as well. All these sites are country specific. Even the sites listed above are country specific. There is no site until date that provides the free sms service on international level. You will find many sms services, which are national. However, the site is still awaited that provides the free sms service.