Renew Graphic Design

A successful website begins long before you come up with your brilliant marketing plans, your joint venture offers, setting up your pay per click campaigns, even before you write that very first word of code for your new site. You need to concentrate on making your site as attractive to the search engines as you possibly can. The visitors that the search engines send to your site are going to be the life blood of your business. They will be the stream of revenue that keeps your business going and growing for years to come.


Search engine traffic is the absolute best traffic that you can ever get. It is extremely targeted traffic. Your visitor has gone to a search engine and typed in a keyword phrase that they are looking for and the search engine has told them that your website is one of the most relevant sites for that keyword phrase. You just can’t get any more targeted than that and targeted visitors turn into sales.


Once you have put in the initial effort to get your site ranked in the search engines for your chosen keywords you will be rewarded with a flow of targeted, interested visitors that are looking for you for absolutely no cost and no further effort. It will be like turning on a faucet of money that you will never be able to shut off.


You do have to put in that initial effort, however. You need to set up each and every page on your site in a way that the search engines like. Every page must have a title that includes a keyword that is relevant to that page. You also want every page to have a different title so that you can get ranked for as many different keywords as possible.


Meta tags should be used on every page as well as header tags. Both of these tags tell the search engines what is important on that page and what they should look at first. Many search engines now use what is inside of the meta tags as your site description in your listings so make sure that it is attractive to human readers as well.


One important part of SEO that many new webmasters overlook is the sitemap. It is basically a table of contents for your website so that both human visitors and spiders from the search engines can find their way around. Your sitemap should link to every single page on your site that you want to get indexed so that a visitor can find it through the search engines. Sitemaps are so important that many search engines have made them mandatory to get your site listed, but even if they don’t you should consider a sitemap mandatory. It’s that important.


The final thing you need to be concerned with is keyword placement and density. Every expert that you ask will give you a different answer as to what your keyword density should be, but they all agree that it should be somewhere between 2 and 15 %. It is also important that your keywords show up early on your page. If you wait to include them toward the bottom the search engines will place less importance on them and you will not rank as highly.


Good SEO starts before you even begin to build your site. Make sure that you have it all planned out ahead of time and don’t leave out any important elements. Organic traffic is the best and cheapest traffic that you will get to your site.