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f you are like me, there is a room in your house that is the catch all room. The room has never really been unpacked. In our house this room is generally known as the “office” At our current residence, this room needs to become the baby’s room. I feel pretty lucky because I have an upstairs room that is slowly becoming the catch all instead (no really, I like to organize). But babies room is still a desk, file cabinet, lots of photo albums, a few boxes, plus a crib and toy box. For someone that is already feeling some nesting instinct this getting slowly alarming!

I’m lucky I don’t really need to think about furniture. Big sisters furniture is slowly making the transition to baby brothers furniture. I thought about painting, but the room is already olive/army green – so…that’ll work with blue and brown right? I feel like we just painted that room, although it’s been 2 years. About 1/3 of babies shelves are various photo things and I am filling up the rest with bedding, feeding and clothing supplies. The truth is my current goal is to just clean all the junk off the floor and get the desk and closet “organized” and his furniture set up properly. Until this kid gets mildly mobile, I’m not too worried about the desk residing in there. Plus I bought blue sheets and a blue changing pad cover to make myself feel like I was decorating.

Contrast this with the first child: we had just moved, we couldn’t paint anyway and babies room just stayed empty until we got her furniture, put it up and made it cute. I’d sure like to have a cute little nursery again, but my current mantra is “Diapers, sleeping place, mom (or bottle) and clothing are all that kid really needs at first.” And I can cover that. Clean and organized (and blue!) will be for my sanity.


It’s a boy! Exciting news that leads to many thoughts, some of which were connected to preparing our house for the arrival of our blue bundle of joy. First, we had to decide where to put this new little guy. We currently rent a house that has a master bedroom and two other possible bedrooms. One, we are using as a guest room, and the other, as an office. My first thought was to have the baby share a room with the guest bed. That way, I could comfortably sleep in there and be close when the baby needs me at all hours. Unfortunately, the room is a bit small for all the furniture we would ‘need’ ie, crib, changing table/dresser, glider/rocker and accommodate the double bed that is already there. So, the compromise we came up with is to combine the guest room and office, and have the baby take the smaller room (former office) for himself. I will still be able to utilize the bed in the guest room to be closer to baby, since it is right across the hall, if I decide that is necessary.

Now….the important part. Nursery theme and decorations! Ok, maybe not the most important part, but the most fun, perhaps? Again, we are renters, so no major renovations will be done. We decided to decorate with airplanes since my husband is a private pilot and has a general love of aviation.

Ok…now what? Furniture…hmmm. We have a crib leftover from my nephews that is available to us. It is white, which would not be my first choice, but the price is right! Because the room is pretty small I decided to look for a changing table/dresser combo to save space, and found a great antique dresser on craigslist. It is light blue, very sturdy and the perfect dimensions to hold a changing pad. I would rather purchase good quality, used furniture that will hold up nicely than newer, shiny pieces that won’t last. Along those same lines, I am keeping my eye on craigslist for a slightly used glider/rocker.

My sister has volunteered to make bedding/curtains so we are on the hunt for cute airplane themed fabric. I have found some wall decals with baby’s name and airplanes but am not sure if they would leave a mark on the wall when taken down. Anyone have any experience with these?

After rambling about this subject for close to 500 words, I realize it might look like I am much more concerned with this process than I actually am. The child will have a cute-ish place to sleep, be fed, and changed when it comes down to it, and that is my goal. He’s not going to notice if the blue in the dresser doesn’t match the blue in the curtains perfectly, so I’m not going to let that stress me out!