5 Keys To Successful Blogging

So you decided to start a blog and you want it to be successful. In time, it will grow if you follow these guidelines. I am not saying it will happen over night, but it will happen. In my opinion these are the keys to being a successful blogger. I hope this will help you.
1. Commitment: I think the first thing is commit to your blog. Nothing good happens over night so you need to make the time for your blog. Make sure that you are writing frequently, keeping up with your blog will show that you are committed and want to see your blog grow. Whatever your blog is about, make sure that you are spreading the word via social media. It takes time, but more and more people will see you as you continue to write great content for your blog.
2. Creativity: We need to be creative with our blog. Make sure you are being creative with the content that you write. People will be interested in what you have to say when you say it with some flair. We need to grab our readers attention with catchy titles and witty articles. Look at other blogs and see what catches you and what doesn’t. Try to see your content from your readers point of view. Would they want to read what you have to say? Is it something that people are looking for?
3. Focus: We need to focus on what our blog represents and stay with what your blog is about. Stay with in the content that is in your blog. If your blog is about being a mom, you should be writing content on that niche. No one wants to go on a blog about being a mom and see technology posts. It just does not jive well. We need to stay focused and make sure our content is within our niche. It just makes readers love your site even more. We want readers right? So stay within your boundaries and everything will work out fine.
4. Knowledge: Keep up with things that are going on in your niche. Research, read other blogs, and learn as much as you can. No matter if you are just starting out or are experienced in your blogging niche, there is still things that you can do to make your content better, and up to date. Make sure that you find other blogs with your niche and see what they are doing. Can you make your content better? Are your titles lacking spunk? Are readers engaged to your blog? It helps to look at other angles and see how your blog is doing.
5. Patience: When ever you are working on your blog, patience is the most important. It takes time and a lot of energy to make your blog work. It is not hard to keep up with the blog, but it takes time to build up an audience. We need to be patient and share our articles, posts, or just your blog in general. It will take months to see your blog grow so be patient.
It will bloom, if you follow these keys to blogging. There is also another way to challenge yourself to be a better blogger. If you want to improve your self there is a website called: http://www.sarkemedia.com/30dayblog 
It has really improved my writing and I think you will benefit too if you try this challenge. I personally love it and they encourage you on your posts as well. Really a great way to tone your writing. That is my keys to successful blogging.