Download Wunderkammer Import Package 2.2
Wunderkammer is a Java ME MIDlet for storing and displaying multimedia dictionaries on mobile phones. Click here to see an interactive online demonstration of a Wunderkammer dictionary.

The Wunderkammer Import Package makes it easy to import existing Shoebox/Toolbox and XML dictionaries into Wunderkammer. Instructions on how to do this can be found in Guide to importing dictionaries. The source code (with javadoc) and version histories can be found in the Programmers Guide.

Wunderkammer and wkimport are part of the larger Project for Free Electronic Dictionaries.


James McElvenny – first name followed by the at sign and then pfed dot info.


  • Fiona Blake – design and testing
  • Elwin Cross – graphic design
  • Jeremy Hammond – design and testing
  • Dmitry Idiatov – design, programming and Russian and French localisations
  • James McElvenny – design and programming
  • Stephen Merity – programming
  • David Nash – design and testing
  • Jane Simpson – design and testing
  • Aidan Wilson – design and testing

Thanks go to the Crystal project for the prototypes of the speaker and image icons used in the standard themes, netlife for the animated spinning wheel on the loading screen of the standard themes, and to Kaurna Warra Pintyandi and Dmitry Idiatov and the Tura community for permission to use excerpts from their dictionaries as demonstration dictionaries in the Wunderkammer Import Package.


All the work of the Project for Free Electronic Dictionaries is released under an ‘Attribution-Noncommercial-Share alike’ Creative Commons Licence.

Version 2.1 of Wunderkammer, 4 September 2010, Project for Free Electronic Dictionarie